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Eco Soaps is a truly local, low-carbon-footprint product. It was started by me, Kathy Storey, back in 2011, in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Around that time demand for natural skincare was growing, as well as for products made using local ingredients. I became aware of Scottish cold-pressed Rapeseed oil as a new culinary product becoming popular as an alternative to Olive oil. I knew that Olive oil was a key ingredient in handmade soaps, so I began experimenting with Rapeseed oil as an alternative. I discovered a 50/50 blend with Coconut oil at the right temperature produces an excellent soap bar with great lather and suitable for use on sensitive skin.

I source my rapeseed oil from Ola Oils in Aberdeenshire (www.olaoils.co.uk) Ola is an unrefined, cold-pressed oil produced without chemical processing. It is rich in Vitamin E and gentle on the skin.

I never use Palm oil. Palm oil is used in many food and skincare products, and often comes from plantations developed by destroying natural rainforest.

I now make 40 natural soap varieties carefully by hand using the traditional cold-process method. This time-honoured method produces natural Glycerin, which remains in the soap and is the magic ingredient which helps to keep skin extremely smooth and soft. You will notice the difference in your skin after using handmade cold-process soap for the first time.

If you’re looking for Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, Shaving Soap, Facial Soap, Natural Handcreams, Body Butters, Massage oils or Lip Balm, you will also find them here.

If you have sensitive skin problems such as eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis – please try my products as many of my customers report that their skin conditions have been helped, in particular by the Calendula and Nettle soap and the Beer Shampoo Bar.

Eco Soaps are fragranced 100% naturally with pure essential oils. I never use ingredients tested on animals. Everything is paraben and SLS-free.

I believe in making my products affordable, so I use minimal packaging, recycled or recyclable. I use very little plastic, which, although difficult to avoid altogether, can be recycled/re-used.

UK Delivery £3.50 or FREE on orders over £24.99

You have special skin requirements or a skin condition? Then let us know, and we can help.

What People Are Saying

Here is a selection of recent positive customer testimonials about our products.

Ecosoaps - your hand made soaps
After many years of using Clinique skincare, I realised that combining the newly discovered fact that they tested on animals with the rising expense of the products, I needed to make a change. I have very sensitive skin and, as I get older, I am finding my skin more and more in need of really good facial soap. Instinctively, I thought that Eco Soaps' Peppermint and Eucalyptus soap might work well. I tried it and haven't looked back. The soap is so cleansing and refreshing and my skin has never looked as radiant and even-toned as it does now. Thank you so much, Eco Soaps, for providing me with natural, ethical and affordable facial soap that does so much more than I could have ever hoped. I am thrilled!

Review by Martha Gates-Mawson, Jewellery Designer & Fabricator at Ailleas Designs - www.ailleasdesigns.com
Beer Shampoo Soap
I suffer from an irritable scalp which would often come up in a rash using conventional shampoos. I have been using ECO Beer Shampoo Soap for a while now and as well as making my hair feel nice & soft, it does not irritate my scalp.

Review by Jamie Noble, Inverness, 2013
Sweet Orange Handcream
A surprisingly buttercream colour and a pleasant 'orange-peel' scent is what you first get when you open the jar. Not at all what you may think. The cream has the texture of a silken mousse and leaves a non-sticky gloss on the skin. It sinks into your hands leaving a softness and delicate fragrance which lasts for hours. A most delightful and effective handcream.

Review by Edie, Inverness, 2013
I'll certainly be ordering some more of these gorgeous creams soon. Each one is beautifully scented and easily absorbed leaving skin feeling very soft. I bought my first body butter as a treat for myself. Later I bought some as gifts for friends. Now though, it's going to be part of my everyday routine. One very happy customer here!

Review by Denice Law, Aberdeen, 2013

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