Traditional Shampoo Soaps

Handmade with nourishing cocoa butter & castor oil, these traditional shampoo soap bars are gentle on the scalp. 100% vegan and made by the traditional cold-process method which retains moisturising glycerin in the soap.

For hair that needs extra nourishment, I offer the Cocoa Butter Hair Conditioner Bar which contains 25% moisturising cocoa butter. Fragranced with citrus & lavender essential oils to leave hair smelling gorgeous.

Some notes about traditional shampoo soaps:  Traditional shampoo soap tends to work best on short hair. Some people with longer hair find there may be a ‘transition time’ where their hair takes a week or longer to adjust. Rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar diluted with 10 parts water, can help.

There is a minority of people whose hair just doesn’t agree with traditional shampoo soaps. In this case I recommend my range of Soap-Free Shampoo Bars, which are pH-balanced to leave every hair type in great condition from first use.